Saturday, July 21, 2012

Black Sheep

Petersen A -- Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs from Nordstorm Rack / Skirt: BCBGeneration from Dillard's / Shoes: Chanel / Necklace: M. Haskell from Macy's / Ring and Bracelet: dbDesigns

Sarah B -- Shirt: Sophie & Trey / Pants: BCBGeneration from Dillard's / Shoes: Elizabeth and James / Necklaces: dbDesigns

Cropped pants and a-symmetrical skirts are common trendy pieces for this season, they can be seen in stores ranging from H&M to Bloomingdale's but what determines whether you buy a $10 trendy item versus a $100+ trendy item? The answer to the question is with another question: Is it a classic? The majority of colors come in and out of style season to season but black is a "color" that stays no matter the season, no matter the year. We will admit, these Jobless Betches are not immune to trends and often search for trendy pieces at budget prices (at stores like Forever21 and H&M). If trendy pieces can be found for less, then why did Petersen A buy a skirt from BCBG and why did Sarah B buy cropped pants from BCBG? Because they are a classic, black silk pieces, that no matter the trends, no matter the season...they will be timeless pieces. 

This is something the Jobless Betches will "preach" to you in our blog over and over again...outfits are made of trends and classics. Living on a budget does not particularly mean you can't build a closet out of just trends or just classics. Spend responsibly, identify what items are "classics" and worthy of "breaking the bank for" and identify what items are "trendy" and should be spent on with caution.

x's & o's

The Jobless Betches

P.S. Can you believe the tiny frog Sarah B found?!

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  1. Great outfits :) I'm following you now :)