Thursday, July 19, 2012

How much would a betchy betch, betch...if a betchy betch could get a job?

Jobs involve lifting a finger, betches don't partake in any of the sort. Sure we aren't those kind of betches, the ones who want to spend our days away -- literally -- blowing through Trust Funds and poppin' bottles Downtown; although we can't say we haven't dabbled in similar activities. But this summer these betches wanted to find jobs, to get a taste of the real world.

So job hunt we did. We slipped ourselves into "work-esc clothes" and set forth on an adventure. We went to malls, small town shopping districts and restaurants, filled out applications and waited for the job fairies to sprinkle perspective jobs our way. After a couple interviews...the calls stopped coming. We weren't being hired, yet alone being considered for a job. 

What was a jobless betch to do? After weeks of online shopping, shopping in retail stores, watching Grey's Anatomy, and crafting we decided to start a blog.

These betches love to shop, but being jobless and it being summer, there are only so many times we can the end of every month our money tree looks very frail. So Sarah B (the blonde betch) and I (Petersen A, the L'Anza colored red haired betch) decided to share our fashion looks and style tips of how to fashionably put together classic -- timeless -- pieces with trendy -- usually less expensive -- items.

We may be betches. We may be jobless. We may be those Jobless Betches. But these Jobless Betches are going to now "lift our fingers" to bring you the betchiest fashions on a jobless, college budget.

x's & o's

The Jobless Betches

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