Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mint Condition

Sarah B -- Bustier: Forever 21 / Fishtail Skirt: Forever 21 / Sandals: Jack Rogers / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Necklaces dbDesigns & Kate Spade / Bracelet: CC Skye & Marc by Marc Jacobs / Watch: Michael Kors

A Jobless Betches Bible says: "Spend more on classics, spend wisely on trends." Today, Sarah B spent wisely. So far we've annoyed you betches -- probably with jobs -- with posts about classics vs trends, and we thought we would kindly demonstrate a how to for trendy pieces. 

The skirt Sarah B is wearing is trendy. The bustier Sarah B is wearing is also trendy. These are things I'm sure you smart betches with jobs already know. So...It was acceptable for Sarah B to invest in this oh so trendy minty skirt from Forever 21, because it was about $15 at Forever 21. In owning this trendy, yet kindly priced fishtail skirt, she is not only about to fulfill her trendy desires, but do it without particularly hurting her wallet. Unlike the fishtail skirt Petersen A owns by BCBG (which is a classic black..blah blah), mint has very much been a season color for this Summer; meaning it WILL go out of style. However, when summer ends and the fall leaves start turning, Sarah B won't feel very guilty about retiring her $15 skirt. This is the very reason why stores like Forever 21 and H&M are perfect for trendy-seasonal pieces. They are often mimics of higher-end brands, but unlike those higher-end brands, they give one the opportunity to buy trendy clothes -- in the colors and styles of the season -- for a whole lot less. 

We don't want to turn this into a "how dare you invest in rip offs of the fashion Gods"... Jobless Betches have no such time for said things. What we are however saying is if you love a certain seasonal trend and are pinching pennies, don't restrain yourself from indulging in the style you love; life is short, buy the shoes.

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  1. This blog is really lovely, I always find good ideas here.

    1. Thank you so much for you feedback! It means so much to us (: -- x's & o's -- Jobless Betches