Sunday, August 5, 2012

And Then We Dyed



Fun Fact: Petersen A HATES feet.

We must dash. 

No, no, no!


Being a Jobless Betch is tiresome. 

Petersen A -- Shorts: DIY Roxy old - from PacSun / Sweater: Halogen from Nordstrom Rack / Bandeu:  DIY dress from Plato's Closet / Shoes: Elizabeth & James / Ring: 4th and Ocean

Sarah B -- Shorts: Thrifted and DIY from Salvation Army / Bustier: Forever 21 / Shoes: Toms / 
Belt: H&M / Headband: Forever 21 / Jewelry: dbDesigns 

Fashion websites are filled with "Do It Yourself" [DIY] dip-dyed shorts. Since Jobless Betches have nothing better to do, we craft; we craft a lot. So we thought we would give the bleach dip-dyed shorts a go around. Petersen A already had awkwardly long Roxy shorts, that she had bought in high school, and thought she would bring them back to life; while Sarah B hunted through the racks of Salvation Army to find the perfect pink high-waisted shorts. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are great resale stores, for not only do they have a huge selection of clothing [for very low prices -- Sarah B's pants were literally only $2!!], but your money spent goes towards great causes. Our advice, if you want to DIY pants into shorts, resale shops and thrift stores are the way to go!

Anyways, after we tried on and cut, and tried on and cut some more off of our tragically long bottoms, we finally had our shorts cut to our liking. A tip -- when you cut your shorts swoop them into a "dolphin cut," that way they can be the short shorts you want, while sufficiently covering the goods.

The next step was to fill a cooler with a 2:1 water to bleach concoction, tape our shorts to the sides, and ombre them to our satisfaction. In Sarah B's opinion, if your shorts are a light pastel, start off by dipping the very bottom of the shorts in the bleach, that way the ombre effect can blend from a pure white to the original color. Another factor of DIY shorts, for once in your betchy life, patience is well worth your while. Petersen A had one slurpee too many and hyperly wanted to wear her shorts then and there, but waiting was well worth her while. Also, don't forget to wash and dry your shorts once your through...otherwise you may smell a little bleachy. 

The Jobless Betches loved spending their day doing this craft and look forward to doing more end of summer shorts crafting this week! Until then..

x's & o's
The Jobless Betches

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